District 9 is a sanctioned region of the North American Model Boating Association (NAMBA) covering Northern California and Nevada. Our goal is to provide fun in Radio Controlled Boating for friends and family of all ages.


Kaiser Cove is located in Fremont California and has hosted model boat racing in District 9 for more than 40 years. We enjoy Gas, Electric and Nitro fueled boats at this location on most any weekend of the year. (Spectators welcome. Club Membership Required to Operate Equipment)

Lake Minden is located just 15 minutes North of Sacramento California. The facility is a Camping Resort that accomodates a variety of boating events including full size race boats. Lake Minden also features the unique and events from the Western Warship Combat Club. Availability may depend on usage by other racing organizations

Roberts Lake is located in Seaside California just minutes from Monterey California's most popular tourist attractions. The pond is available for use through the City for a fee that varies based on the size of the group using it.

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